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Thanks so much such a great piece. Thanks to Paul and of course MLK. I can not remember if I first heard I have been to the Mountain top before or after he was killed. I was 12. I had heard I have a dream more than four years earlier. Just wow. I needed your piece David.

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Wonderful tribute David! Well done!!!

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Just to add my usual Parisian link:


The Rev. MLK Jr. at the American Church in Paris in 1965

Caitlin Shetterly, January 13, 2023

There are streets, churches, schools named after MLK in France. The most recent significant one is a new large park (Parc Clichy-Batignolles Martin Luther King) in Paris' 17th arrondissement, built on previous railway marshalling yards serving Gare St Lazare. The site had been intended for the Olympic Village of Paris' failed 2012 bid--it got this great big park instead!. Some detail and pics here:


Just for you there is an audio recording of the park:


Also, check this (Suze liqueuor) flier for an appearance at the Palais des Sports (Bercy I presume but is it really that old?) with Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan (ok, not actually Dylan in person but a French artist interpreting his songs):


[Bit of trivia: I suspect you know that "King for a Day" was the title of a tribute album to Carole King?]

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This is excellent. Thank you Dr. King! (And Paul Simon and David Yaffe!)

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David -

I honestly try to avoid any feelings that remotely resemble jealousy (given that it's largely an alien experience to me anyhow) - but if ever there were a moment, this be the moment (if not the verse. Simon is correct - one doesn't really argue with Larkin, his bleakness, or much of anything, really. You could, but it would be akin to debating wetness with water.) - you've met with, spoken to, whatever with a great many whom I admire but...

Paul Simon.

A completely different deal. Were we closer, or barring the familiarity, you were interested in what's most likely a fairly commonplace story (I make zero claims to being extraordinary. I leave that to those better built for such things.) on why Paul Simon and his significance, I could probably wax at greater length and in more sentimental vein.


That said, this was something I needed to read today. That may be a thing you hear more often than not and from others who aren't me, but for my own, it's a truth.

So yeah.

Thank you.

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